Dissertation 2012

Dissertation 2012 dissertation cover sheet

Does anyone know how many people usually apply for this fellowship? Has anyone emailed the program coordinator? I assume this is different from the Minority Dissertation Fellowship award.

According to whoever answered the phone at the DF hq, notifications will be made by the end of the week. Just sit tight for now if possible. I don't think they notify Can anyone from previous years confirm whether that is the notification dissertation 2012, or has is come earlier? For the above two who mentioned being or knowing recipients, when did the positive email notification arrive?

Архив авторефератов диссертаций г. № п/п. Дата защиты. Соискатель ФИО.Тема диссертации. Автореферат. Дата размещения. 1. 24 января Особенно приятно отметить, что пополнение включает диссертации года, количество которых составляет около Список видеозаписей защит диссертаций в Диссертационных советах НГТУ ( г.) файл MS Word (77,3 кБ). Черепанов Игорь Владимирович.

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